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December 20, 2006

Question regarding holiday bonus

I have a Q and I'm hoping you'll have an A.

We have three "building guys". One is the super and the other two are like handy men who also give you your packages. Our super was recently fired and a new super started about a month and a half ago. So far he seems better than the last super. Last year I gave $60 to each guy. This year two things have changed: 1) I've been told that it's customary to give the higher up guy, in this case the super, more than the other guys and 2) the new super just started which changes the equation if holiday bonuses are for work done in the previous year. What do you guys think? How much should I give to 1) super and 2) building guy and 3) building guy?

Thank you, my generous readers!


$60 for everyone seems more than generous. Nice. I wouldn't change a thing:)

Posted by: Hasan at December 20, 2006 4:57 PM

My concern would be that if you lower your amounts, then the two who got $60 last year would perhaps wonder why the change of heart!? And if they're friends with the super, then maybe they would talk about it, and wonder why he got more!?

I think $60 each is a very generous amount. If everyone in the building gives them that much, they'll have a very merry Christmas indeed.

Posted by: Jessica at December 20, 2006 9:25 PM
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