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January 24, 2007

Momofuku Ssam Bar was deliciousS!!

We made the brilliant decision last Saturday evening to check out the Momofuku Ssam Bar which recently received a great write-up in New York Magazine. It included this great photo of the unapologetically carnivorous chef David Chang:


We got there at 7:15 and the place was packed - mind you it was Saturday night in NYC (we thought it was highly unlikely we'd be able to be seated but figured it was worth a shot) and were told it was a 45 minute wait. We put our name down and walked down a block to a wine bar, had a glass of wine and 30 minutes later returned. We waited 5 minutes and then were seated - a surprisingly pain free experience! Plus, the vibe was fantastic - the excitement as a result of the NY mag coverage was palpable:


The restaurant is primarily a long counter with a few tables behind the counter:


We were seated at a great spot at the counter, in front of the bright, open and bustling kitchen:


And look who we saw hard at work:


The famous (infamous to vegetarians) chef David Chang himself!


I was slightly worried because contrary to everyone else in NYC I am unimpressed with the Momofuku Noodle Bar. I am a noodle connoisseur and can bore you to death with the subtleties of every kind of noodle dish and let me tell you - that ramen is bland and fatty - not yummy. Nonetheless we ordered full speed ahead!


First came the oysters for Jonah which he, before devouring, made me taste one and it was the first and only oyster I've ever enjoyed. Jonah popped it in my mouth and said, "close your eyes and imagine you're in the sea" and that's all it took. I could hear the Little Mermaid soundtrack and I was an octopus, dancing and singing and having fun with my ocean friends. That's how it has to be for me ~under the sea~ !


Then came the brussel sprouts and squid salad which were both so flavorful and tasty! These two adjectives are a thread in this meal - nothing bland here!


The Korean burritos which this restaurant started out serving exclusively were truly delicious;


This is what it looks like to eat a korean burrito with hoochie nails:


Here's a ham eating a korean burrito:


The pork sausage wraps were also to die for:


And finally for dessert, the mochi ice cream was not great but was good. The salted apples were interesting and quite good.


Super duper contented and delighted...we'll definitely be back!!



Sounds like a great meal with a cool setting. Your blog always makes me want to go out to eat.

Posted by: Fonzie at January 25, 2007 8:41 AM
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