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February 28, 2007

BuzzFeed & Ze Frank party @ South by Southwest!


BuzzFeed is nominated for best blog this year at SXSW throwing time!!!

You may already know and love Ze Frank but you may not yet have heard of the unstoppable Wisconsin white-rapper Juiceboxxx!!!!

If you're going to be at the party, let us know here and not by being that guy or girl at the party.

Britain my take custody of obese boy by Courtney French


Take him away!!! Remove him from his feeding machine!!!! or is this not some variation on Munchausen?

Whatever it is there's a custard battle going on, sorry, custody battle. Should this kid be allowed to continue sort of dying because it's his mom's fault or is it not her fault and even if it were, should she still be allowed to parent him however she wishes? These are the questions of our times, people.

"If I didn't give him enough at teatime then he would just go on at us all night for snacks and stuff," she told ITV.

Based on the above excerpt, this family is hopeless.

* via BuzzFeed watch on the extremely disturbing extreme eating trench.

Nellie Bly

When you do the NYT crossword puzzle, you learn about such fascinating figures such as Nellie Bly! The clue was 'Adventurer Nellie'.



Burdened again with theater and arts reporting, Bly left the Pittsburgh Dispatch in 1887 for New York City. Penniless after four months, she talked her way into the offices of Joseph Pulitzer's newspaper, the New York World, and took an undercover assignment for which she agreed to feign insanity to investigate reports of brutality and neglect at the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island.

After a night of practicing deranged expressions in front of a mirror, she checked into a working-class boardinghouse. She refused to go to bed, telling the boarders that she was afraid of them and that they looked crazy. They soon decided that she was crazy, and the next morning summoned the police. Taken to a courtroom, she pretended to have amnesia. The judge concluded she had been drugged.

She was then examined by several doctors, who all declared her to be insane. "Positively demented," said one, "I consider it a hopeless case. She needs to be put where some one will take care of her." The head of the insane pavilion at Bellevue Hospital pronounced her "undoubtedly insane". The case of the "pretty crazy girl" attracted media attention: "Who Is This Insane Girl?" asked the New York Sun. The New York Times wrote of the "mysterious waif" with the "wild, hunted look in her eyes", and her desperate cry: "I can't remember. I can't remember."

Committed to the Blackwell's Island Insane Asylum, Bly experienced its conditions firsthand. The food—gruel broth, spoiled meat, bread that was little more than dried dough—she found inedible. The inmates were made to sit for much of each day on hard benches with scant protection from the cold. The nurses were rude and abusive, telling the patients to shut up and beating them if they did not. Speaking with her fellow residents, Bly was convinced that some were as sane as she was. On the effect of her experiences, she wrote:

What, excepting torture, would produce insanity quicker than this treatment? Here is a class of women sent to be cured. I would like the expert physicians who are condemning me for my action, which has proven their ability, to take a perfectly sane and healthy woman, shut her up and make her sit from 6 A. M. until 8 P. M. on straight-back benches, do not allow her to talk or move during these hours, give her no reading and let her know nothing of the world or its doings, give her bad food and harsh treatment, and see how long it will take to make her insane. Two months would make her a mental and physical wreck.

After ten days, Bly was released from the asylum at The World's behest. Her report, later published in book form as Ten Days in a Mad-House, caused a sensation and brought her lasting fame. While embarrassed physicians and staff fumbled to explain how so many professionals had been fooled, a grand jury launched its own investigation into conditions at the asylum, inviting Bly to assist. The jury's report recommended the changes she had proposed, and its call for increased funds for care of the insane prompted an $850,000 increase in the budget of the Department of Public Charities and Corrections.

February 27, 2007

Flashing red light: Book critic not impressed

There should be a bright red light that flashes around a book review to warn the reader that the critic is not impressed. Otherwise the harshness can be a bit jolting - or perhaps I am too sensitive of a reader today but I was looking forward to reading this book review since it's about criminal law and courtroom psychology but alas Janet Maslin ripped him a new one. Poor guy.

Shanghai '06: First day dalliances













February 26, 2007

Oscars: The Night's 10 Best Oscar Quotes

Check it.


* via HuffingtonPost.

The Oscars are great for movie, fashion and gambling lovers!

The way we structured the betting pool was by ranking in terms of likelihood, the results of the Hollywood Stock Exchange. So, if you vote for instance for the most likely to win best movie, The Departed, you only get 1 point but if The Queen had won for example, you get 5 points because it was least favored to win. Basically, we pegged to the HSX and rewarded people for predicting long shots. I won mostly because I was the only person who had money on Alan Arkin for Best Supporting Actor and since he was second favored to win, I got 2 point for that category!

'm still in shock that I won the Oscar betting pool last night - I never win these things! ...which is why I woke up this morning with a nasty little smile on my face, fondly remembering my winnings...but the smile was soon erased when Jonah reminded me that everyone kind of hates the person that wins...and I thought, oh, that's true - I do always kind of hate the winner. So I'm now saying for the record, I'm sorry I was that person (winner) and rest assured that victory (when stepping outside of the victor's perspective) is bittersweet!


* If you can make sense of the above photo, I'll split my winnings with you.

Moomin's Little My character hates piles!!!

Little My is an awesome little character from Moomin.

Excerpt about her winning personality: She is a small, determined and fiercely independent Mymble. When she wants something done, she does it straight away. She is very aggressive and totally disrespectful, but can be a good friend. She has a brash personality. She is Snufkin's half-sister.


Comfy shoes









Thanks to Hannah for the link!

February 23, 2007

America, we're heating up!


Hot! In a completely not sexy way.

* via Harmony Blog.

Quirky in a Good Way: Why all the hate for Little Miss Sunshine? by Matt Feeney

A really good point.

* via Kottke.

Fly Clear!

Dude. Yes, dude. As much as I love airport security, how awesome does this sound?


Travelers who join the Clear Registered Traveler program are pre-screened for security and provided with a biometric card which will allow them to pass through security faster, with more predictability and less hassle. Clear is fast, convenient and secure. As a Clear member, you'll be in control of your own time and your own schedule. Clear's first year price is $99.95 (includes a $28.00 TSA vetting fee).

Know anyone who's a customer? I'll let you know if I become one and whether in fact one does fly clear with Clear.

* via Thrillist!

February 22, 2007

Stairway to Hell: Warthog, the World's Greatest Metal Cover Band!!

For Duncan's birthday we took up the Thrillist guys on seeing Warthog and boy are we delighted we did! '80s metal and strippers - no complaints here!!

























Public response to comment on "Happy life tip..." post

Well said! I encourage you to begin an "Ask Andrea" side blog. Posted by: demelza sato at February 21, 2007 02:16 PM

What a fantastic idea!! Most of my life energy is spent 1) over thinking every little (and big) thing and 2) trying not to express my every thought at every moment, simply in efforts to maintain some human relations. Perhaps instead I should harness these special talents and let it all flow in the Ask Andrea corner!!

Grazie mille, Demelza! It will happen.

Cats grooving to music - can you match the groove to the music??







Answers here.

February 21, 2007

Happy life tip: Thank the couple and not just the primary breadwinner for dinner

We took friends out to dinner last night and we paid and by we paid I mean Jonah used his credit card to pay. Then, it happened. Jonah was thanked for dinner. Only Jonah. This of course reminded me of Larry David's question in season three of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "When a husband pays the check, do you have to also thank the wife?" Yes, Larry David and yes, everyone else, you do. The reason is simple but apparently not obvious. A marriage is a partnership. Regardless of who makes most of the money, it's all coming from the same pot, so to speak. One never really knows how the couple splits up the rest of life's duties such as managing the finances, cleaning the house, etc etc, so it's best to assume shared work and to see couples as a unit. And thus, to thank them both for dinner.

Sound good?

This American Life goes....TV!

The great radio show will hopefully also be a
great TV show!


Reversible Destiny Condominiums

I love this trend because it highlights the importance of one's surroundings and how much environment affects people and their livelihood - it's great to see Japan embrace this!


February 20, 2007

Experimental Poetry Class Plea

Completely understand why this teacher is pleading for attendance:


* New School Spring 07 semester

Homophoner project by Andy Yaco-Mink!

Halve yew ever thought, dam, I whish I could rite inn a whey that every whirred that had a homophone whir replaced bye that homophone!? That wood bee hilarious! Well hear it is folks. I am delighted about this gnu application and will yews it of coarse butt I halve too expose myself as a reel whirred nerd now - I will from thyme two thyme try homophonerating awn my own - sew fun!!!
This text was homophonerated at

Love the project Andy!!!

New film shows JFK moments before assasination

Always sad to be reminded of the day JFK was shot. Always interesting though to receive more information about that fateful day.

Any conspiracy theorists out there just freaking out right now? Do share.

View here.

* via Kottke.

Drum Machine from Japan

Drum Machine is so cool - a perfect mix of cool, contemporary creativity inspired by traditional taiko drumming. Be patient during the first five seconds and you will be rewarded - volume up!


* via Jonah's playing around on StumbleUpon.

New Orleans is F---d

And Brangelina's not going to save it.


* via BuzzFeed.

February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents Day!




For a more thoughtful treatment of Presidents Day click here.

February 16, 2007

Care package #5639 from Obachan

My Obachan (Japanese for grandmother) is an incredibly sweet, classy and generous lady. She continues to bring me close to tears with every care package she has sent over the 22 years that we've been family.











Giulietta Masina

I just adore Giulietta Masina. Her expressive face completely takes a hold of me and turns me into a kid glued to the TV. The person most reminiscent of her living today is of course Amy Sedaris - clearly I have a soft soft for empathetic clowns with unusually expressive faces.

The English is weird but just watch Giulietta - from La Strada:

Cats like to vibrate

Prince & Beyonce @ the Grammy's 2004

How did I miss this??!! Delayed gratification is great...especially when you aren't aware of what gratification you're delaying!

As per usual, thanks bro!!

Homo sex is great

Wow, look at how much more fun the guy with the pink shirt is having than the guy holding the U need Jesus Christ! sign - go gays!!


Thanks to my cousin Angelina for posting this!

February 15, 2007

Tim Hardaway: I wouldn't play with a gay man

When I have kids I intend to drill the "stand up for what you believe in" mantra into their cute little heads. But I'm wondering if I can build in this clause: "Stand up for what you believe in unless you're a homophobe like Tim Hardaway in which case you should just sit down and be quiet."

Thanks to my brother for this link!

I knew Milli Vanilli would be back!!


I LOVED Milli Vanilli and this news makes me weep with joy and sing ~I'm in love girl, I'm so in love girl. I'm just in love girl, and this is true. Girl, you know it's true. Ooh, ooh, ooh I love you. Yes, you know it's true. Ooh, ooh, ooh I love you.~

Tip for fellow rejoicers: Get up really close to someone's face and place extra emphasis on ooh, ooh, ooh.

Wait, they can't dance for crap but their rapping is off the chain!

Rottweiler pup gets in on kitty love

Mama Kitty: It's better this way. When he grows up he'll feel indebted to us and hopefully, won't bite our heads off.


Thanks to Meg for the link!

Warning: Guys may feel slightly uncomfortable


Thanks to my bro for the link!!

Who knew that cats love getting spanked??!!

These are fantastic! Ow. Fantastic! Ow. Fantastic!

Thanks to Pete for the submission!!

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, New Yorkers! It's your lucky day!


Freezing rain + sleet + snow = CUDDLE TIME!!! anj_heart.gif anj_heart.gif anj_heart.gif

Just remember to mention these things to your valentine on repeat:

1) It's soooo cold
2) Brrrrrrr
3) I desperately need to be loved ~ hold me ~

Two best comments on

One was delightfully received yesterday:

"We don't know each other, but I used to read your blog for a while and stopped reading over a year ago. I had this dream about you last night though...I dreamt that I was interviewing to be your intern and you had me take a test that was part essay and part illustrating pictures with goldfish crackers. I realized that you were a genius. You laughed at how bad my essay was by the way. Thought you might find this amusing."

...and the other was from this post:

"I had a dream about you last night. Sorry to be creepy, but my dream is like this: I was at the local Thrift Store, browsing the used goodies, when I came across a children's book and it said "by Andrea Harner" on it and had your picture (who puts the authors picture on the cover of a kids book!?). Anyway, I was super excited, I purchased the book for 50 cents (sorry you're not worth more to my subconscious!) and proceeded to FedEx the book to you so you could sign the inside cover. You then FedExed it back to me. And I put it on a shelf in my house. The End! Once again, I apologize greatly for the fright you must currently be feeling."

People, please keep dreaming about me as long as they're hilarious, inspiring dreams like these! I will now get started on hiring an intern to help me write a children's book. Of course I will interview for this position by using the half essay, half goldfish cracker illustration method. I promise not to laugh at bad essays though and I swear I will price the book at more than 50 cents.

A.D.D & A.S.S.

I swing like a monkey between A.D.D. and A.S.S. I'm guessing this is a common, contemporary condition and that we all agree it's incredibly frustrating to communicate with people not knowing where they are on the ADD-ASS spectrum. My suggestion: Cue cards we hold up to communicate where we are on the spectrum so we have some hope of connecting with our fellow human beings.

Sample cue cards:

"Super ADD - don't even bother."

"ASS ASS ASS. Give me more in-depth conversation now please."

"Midly ADD. Interested but face may twitch from time to time."

"ASS but discerning. Depends on convo topic."

Salvador Dali on Spinach

"It so happens that I attach to spinach, as to everything more or less
directly pertaining to food, essential values of a moral and esthetic order." - Salvador Dali

I now feel a strange kinship with Dali. I too obsess and read deeply into vegetables and pretty much everything people see as mundane.

Thanks for this great quote, Katy!

Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U

One of the best songs ever - of course, written by Prince. As far as I'm concerned, Sinead should never have sung it - oh well:

Jesus Camp by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

Jesus Camp is mind expanding and by that I mean eyeball socket expanding. Get ready to stop blinking and to watch in incredulity. What is immediately apparent is how these kids regurgitate what their parents and ministers tell them. I know that a lot of kids do this but in the world of evangelical kids it's deeply disturbing. For instance a 9 or 10 year old girl who loves dancing to Christian rock gets very serious and says she worries that she may not always be dancing for God and that she may instead be "dancing for the flesh." WHAT???!!! Please watch this doc so we can learn how to protect ourselves against such insane ideology. And because it's extremely interesting to discuss after the flick.


February 13, 2007

Colbert Report was too much fun!!!

Thanks to lovely Leila, I got to go to the Colbert Report last night with Lily!! It was too much fun. The only downside of the experience was that as typical but still unfortunate nonetheless, they don't allow you to take photos inside the studio - so you'll just have to make do with these photos and watch the show!

Eager beavers:


Oh god. You really let us down last night by not saving us from these people. I had never actually met this specimen before so I didn't have evidence that they existed until last night - they actually believe Colbert's persona and think he's an awesome far-right republican like O-Reilly who speaks the truth. They were drunk and so irritating. The warm-up comic had to bring out a humongous shotgun prop to attempt to silence them. In the end, social pressure and the buzz wearing off sort of shut them up...sort of.


And look at who we befriended! A cute fluffball that most likely belongs to someone working at the Colbert Report. I'm jealous of this person for two reasons.


On the way home Lily, a long time lover of Montel, was psyched to find his studio!


Colbert and his team were fantastic - Colbert is of course blessed with the most hilariously expressive face and bundle of talent, mega-brains and star power. His production team was impressive - organized and communicative and seemed to be having a great time working! The warm-up comic was hilarious. It was a super fun experience - highly recommended!

Thanks again to Leila for the great gift and to Lily for being my date!

Branson offers $25 million prize to fight global warming

This is so awesome. Sure, it reveals depressing things about the state of our affairs like, meaningful research has been harder and harder to fund and that only with such crass commercialization of research does it become sexy to engage it in...Oh! and that we have a global warming problem!!! But hey!! Who's thinking much these days?! Not me! Just drinking coffee and reading US magazine! So someone get to work so my kids can also drink coffee and read US magazine carefreely k???!


Humiliation at the Westminster Dog Show

This is not ok.


Puppy porn? Person porn?


Google images, I OWE YOU!!

Naked writers...literally

I've recently taken these peoples' fine lead and have started writing in the nude. So far, so productive and brilliant!

The only time it gets awkward is when I want more coffee so I peel my bare butt off the chair at whatever cafe I'm working in to go up to the counter to place an order. Awkward.

* I submit this post as an example of the fine writing I've been able to accomplish in the buff.

via Kottke.

February 12, 2007

Ocean's 13 trailer

Check out the trailer!


I love the Oceans movies - can't wait for June 8th - right around the corner!

* via Kottke.

Q: When does your partner leave you most powerless?

A: When he takes your laptop charger away from you.



Street Fight by Marshall Curry

Street Fight is an enjoyable and interesting documentary that follows the 2002 Newark mayoral campaign. Doesn't sound that enticing? Trust me, with the slimy, colorful character of incumbent Sharpe James and the clean cut, baby-faced Cory Booker, it's scintillating. I love political documentaries especially War Room and while this doc isn't as comprehensive and at times is very much an ad for Cory Booker, I don't mind because Cory Booker's awesome and so it our crazy democratic process - makes for an exciting film that'll stay with you.


I can't believe the Aussies finally found a way to make this: Abo roll


In case you were wondering what an Abo is...

Happy Monday Crossword Day!

I finished the crossword in 15 minutes. And I wasn't even rushing. Can you? Huh? Huh?

Yes, I'm trying to start a crossword war with you.

I apologize for my jejune behavior.

February 9, 2007

BuzzFeed on BuzzFeed & looking to hire

BuzzFeed is awesome and looking for awesome people to join the team!


Tokyo '06: Japanese food I love



Japanese strawberry shortcake is in a league of its own (I would argue pastries regardless of where they originated from are best in Japan - they know how to take stuff from elsewhere and make it better!):


Vending machine corn soup - I kid you not:


New spam medium for gullible fools*

These Nigerian spammers are pretty clever! Embedding their deception in a file so it gets through spam filters - nice.


* I'm sorry, it's just hard for me to understand how anyone can be fooled by online spam.

** Thanks to Jonah for bringing this to my attention!

February 8, 2007

Bad tippers should have their diamonds stolen from them

but fortunately for them, there are honest and un-begrudging* NYC cab drivers!

Cheap woman who's also a diamond seller (and loser apparently) gets her rocks back even though she only tipped 30 cents on an $11 cab ride!!

* I will replace un-begrudging with a real word with similar meaning when one occurs to me.

** Thanks to my bro for always keeping his ear to the ground!

Bold (Blue) House


* Photo by Cameron, San Francisco. dishes it out for Soba Koh

Delicious, authentic soba can be had at Soba Koh. Yes, it's pretty cool to be in online proximity with David Chang of Momofuku Ssam Bar. You may recall a post in the past about this yummy restaurant!

Flip That House!

Show I'm loving: Flip That House


Hey, don't knock the TLC channel! It's kind of awesome.

Toilet for Kings, Queens and Bloggers!

If I lived alone, without a partner who would tell me this was entirely wrong, I would probably use this.


Thanks to my bro for this link!

February 7, 2007

Gift Post for Cameron Marlow: Garfield Dictionary

As founder of his middle school Garfield Fan Club, Cameron's sure to already own this special dictionary but thought he'd appreciate the shout-out nonetheless - am I right, Camero, am I right?!

Self-proclaimed 1st dictionary with attitude!


Best way to start your day? With grapefruit!!



How Do We See Red? Count the Ways by Natalie Angier

As I sit on my red couch clutching my red coffee mug, I urge you to read this article on...the color red! Not to be confused with the color purple. Although that's my other favorite color - and a good book in case you'd never heard of it.


"If you want to make a point, you make it in red." - Dr. Nicholas Humphrey

I guess this blog wants to make a point.

"I have to go now - they're calling my flight." (No airplanes were observed in the vicinity).

The Metropolitan Diary section of the New York Times provides a good little glimpse into my love affair with Manhattan.

Dear Diary:

On the bus: Lady enters with very small dog held in bag and stands in front of undersigned and kids.

Kids: "What's the dogs name?"

Lady: "Zac."

Kids: "As in Zachary?"

Lady: "No, as in Prozac. He's my Prozac."

Roger Bernstein


In Rigorous Test, Talk Therapy Works for Panic Disorder by Benedict Carey

As someone who has suffered panic attacks in the past, this new study is interesting and drives home the fact that there's no quick cure for panic disorder or for anything else really.


February 6, 2007


How quickly I fade into dream land where all statues are animal statues...I WISH!

Jonah told me this morning that 10 minutes after I fell asleep last night while Jonah was still reading we had this conversation:

Andrea bursts out laughing.

Jonah: What's so funny?

Andrea: The monkey statue is so funny!

Jonah: Why is it so funny? What does it look like?

Andrea: Ugh. God, I'm trying to sleep!

No idea what the monkey statue was but I bet it was funny!!

Michel Gondry can solve a rubick's cube with his feet!...NOT!!!

I realize I'm late with this one so for fellow online stragglers, here's the averment (GRE word!) and the refutation, pretty interestingly explained.

February 5, 2007

What I've learned while studying for the GRE

1) I hate math more than I thought I did.

2) I love words - so much so I now subscribe to's word of the day and carry around this dictionary for fun.

3) Doing the New York Times crossword puzzles is up there in my top three favorite pastimes. Unfortunately I shouldn't have rediscovered this while studying for the GRE.

As expected Prince's Super Bowl Halftime Show was fantastic!

I am always incapable of describing in words the effect Prince's music has on me. Hopefully you all got a taste of it last night:


Introducing my cousin Derek Davis the surfer!

I was already filled with pride when he founded the ping pong club in high school (staying true to our [half] Asian roots) but now he's founded the Cal Poly surf club!

Watch him go - I taught him everything he knows:


Sometimes boards break:

dd broken board.jpg

Tokyo '06: Lupinas Apartments

Lupinas. Let's say it again. Le Pee Nas.




* Sakuragaoka, Tokyo

You know you have the right accountant when...

This quote adorns his otherwise busted website:

To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.

-Bette Davis

* His expertise is accounting for people in the creative industries such as artists, filmmakers, and actors. Let me know if you want his contact info!

February 2, 2007

Kevin Bacon launches

Wait. Is this a case of the chicken or the egg? As in, was Kevin Bacon always interested in this area or is it because his name got hijacked by the six degrees concept game that he discovered his interest?


The Turtle Dance

Dance, girl, dance!!!


She probably wasn't dancing considering the situation but can't a girl dream??

Thanks to Anil Polat for the link!!

Tokyo '06: Kamakura Day Trip

From Tokyo, Kamakura is easily accessible by train.


One can always afford to show enthusiasm!


Let's check this out, shall we?


But first, group photo:


Then, we must wash our hands to ensure long life and to get the filth off:




Jonah is filled with wonder. Or checking out a plane in the sky:


Temple steps - white lady and policeman:


I wonder why I love vermillion. Might have something to do with the million and counting temples I've seen in my life:


Wait. Another group photo! You can never take too many of those!


Gotta love colors! I do!!


God, save us from all evil & ...


There was a bird in a white fur coat - no doubt, angora. Nice. Real nice.


There's the elusive Buddha!








My dad simply refused to throw up his peace sign! Argh, frustrating!!


Who's the Buddha now??!!


Do you have Buddha hands? Me? Constantly. It's a state of mind, really.


This was right around the time when Jonah said the Buddha's body was "buddha-licious" :-)


The End:


February 1, 2007

My friend Duncan Watts has the #1 Breakthrough Idea for 2007 as deemed by Harvard Business Review!

Congrats Dunk!! Let's celebrate! Dinner's on you!! :-)


Take that, Mr. Pop-Science Millionaire Gladwell!

Champagne Ninja


Thanks to Chris Liptak for the link!!

Posing as a Family, Sex Offenders Stun a Town by Jennifer Steinhauer

Should we throw a castration party for them?

To neighbors, Casey Price was a seventh grader with acne and a baseball cap who lived an unremarkable life among a bevy of male relatives.

He built the occasional skateboard ramp and did wheelies on his bicycle down the streets of this subdivision of stucco homes north of Phoenix.

In nearby Surprise, where Casey was enrolled as a 12-year-old in a public school for four months, he was regarded as a shy, average student with chronic attendance problems. A man identified as his uncle had registered him, attended curriculum night and e-mailed his teachers about homework assignments.

Now Casey is in jail, and his former neighbors and classmates have learned the unthinkable: Not only is Casey not Casey � his real name is Neil H. Rodreick II � but he is also a 29-year-old convicted sex offender who kept a youthful appearance with the aid of razors and makeup.

And the men known as his uncle, grandfather and cousin, who until recently shared a three-bedroom house with him here, were not family at all, but a web of convicted sex offenders and predators, law enforcement officials say, preying in part on one another.

Bush Is Not Above the Law by James Bamford

A good Op-Ed by James Bamford whom I worked with on the Eavesdrop event!


Last August, a federal judge found that the president of the United States broke the law, committed a serious felony and violated the Constitution. Had the president been an ordinary citizen - someone charged with bank robbery or income tax evasion - the wheels of justice would have immediately begun to turn. The F.B.I. would have conducted an investigation, a United States attorney's office would have impaneled a grand jury and charges would have been brought.

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