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March 30, 2007

Live circumcision!

Uummmm...mass circumcision, come one, come all! I'm doing them for free!! To help stop AIDS!! JK Rowling.

I hadn't really given much thought to the question "to circumcise or not to circumcise?" except that I found myself saying, "isn't it done because it's cleaner to circumcise?" but then I'd think of all the ways we currently do things for "cleaner" reasons that are pretty whack - women, when was the last time you had all your pubic hair ripped off because it's cleaner that way?! The other weekend we started talking about circumcision at the end of a dinner party and with the help of Wikipedia we studied just the very superficial differences in the photos provided. We also talked about whether we would have our sons (assuming we give birth at some point to a son or two) circumcised. Yesterday the discussion continued at the BuzzFeed office and I had already started to sour on the idea when I found this. I started sending it around with the caption - "hey, check out this fun vid!" but it is of course not that fun of a vid. See for yourself.

Goldfish live happily in deep fryer - I want to be this kind of inventor!!!

Truly incredible Japanese video. The inventor says it took him 10 years to achieve this. I can hardly wait for his next lightbulb above his head idea!

* via Kottke.

Located in Hospital, DNA Clears Buffalo Man Convicted in ’80s Rapes by David Staba

Equally consoling and horrifying, another exoneration by DNA.

The evidence, genetic material from two rapes stored on microscopic slides, had languished in a hospital drawer for more than 20 years, as the man convicted of the crimes languished behind bars. Numerous times, including four in the last two months, the authorities issued subpoenas for the material, only to be told that it was not in the hospital.

But on Wednesday, the district attorney announced that the slides had finally been found last week, and that DNA tests on them matched Altemio Sanchez, not the man convicted of the crimes, Anthony Capozzi.

Mr. Capozzi, 50, who has been incarcerated since his 1985 arrest, could be freed within a week, the authorities said. continued...

Tensions Over French Identity Shape Voter Drives by Elaine Sciolino

An interesting debate is shaping up in gay Paris. When (if ever) do you put your foot down and say we must be true to our national identity and at what point does that become worse than the thing you were originally battling?


March 29, 2007

MC Rove

What oh what did we do to deserve MC Rove??


Thanks to America's Next Top Model

After making me and undoubtedly the entire nation suffer for weeks, thanks for finally booting off *that girl* last night. The whole experience, from the first episode until last night's, felt like a painful Chinatown massage that finally, just ended in release.

Tokyo '06: Sneakers, Cellphones, Shibuya, Taxis













A Scarface fan


* Times Square, March '07.


I am so excited for my sock delivery from Joy of Socks! Check out my carefully chosen selection:











* In case you were wondering, I chose the orange chili pepper socks over the black - extra spicy!

March 28, 2007

Cruelty-Free Carnivorism

There is such a thing as cruelty-free carnivorism right?! As an animal lover sometimes I feel guilty for being a carnivore and other times, I feel like it's only natural...conflicted carnivorism??


Bird poop


Panda porn & bamboo sheets

Strangely, after receiving this link about pandas being shown panda porn to help them get in the mood, I started searching for bamboo bed sheets. Have no idea how the connection was made but it was. When I took an informal survey in the office about bamboo sheets, Jason cleverly asked if instead of thread count, the bamboo sheets were measured in chute count - I only wished I had thought of that first! Here's the point of this post: What do you know about bamboo sheets? Good? Bad?? So-so?? Chute-perior (sorry, so so so good!) to cotton sheets?

Tokyo '06: Shibuya girl

Believe it or not, she was trying to be cute:


* Shibuya, Sentaa-gai.

March 27, 2007

Our long-lost sister

Last night was intense. My brother and I discovered that we have a sister. Our parents sent us a photo of her and her adopted mother.

Seredipitous Pictionary

What began as Duncan dropping by early Sunday evening turned into a six-person hang-out fueled by wine, noodles I cooked!, dinner and a Pictionary game lasting several fun hours. My highlight was drawing "metal detector" by drawing an airplane, a runway and a terminal (more like a box to which the runway ran into) which had my team correctly screaming airport. Since they had the right context I then drew a stick figure and an arrow towards something that slightly resembled the metal detectors we all suffer through at the airport. "Metal detector!" someone screamed on my team - "Bingo!" My lowest of lows was when I tried drawing the essence of "Michael Jackson". I must remind you all that the Pictionary timer is extremely short and unforgiving. So I started out drawing jerry curls on a face and an arrow from the hair to a fire - remember the Pepsi commercial??!! - and that wasn't successful so I moved onto the nose. I mean, THE NOSE. I circled where the nose would be and then drew an x through it. Still nothing. Which is when I resorted to drawing a penis on the figure and drawing a really small stick figure next to it and then well, you can imagine what I had to do. Still nothing. Lots of laughs but nothing. The timer ran out which is of course when I realized all I ever needed to draw was THE GLOVE. All this is to say that Pictionary is super fun - I encourage you to buy the game (and a white board!) and sic it on your guests!


Air Guitar Nation


I love good documentaries which is why I loved Air Guitar Nation. My cousin Harmony suggested we see a movie and said she'd see anything that wasn't a horror flick so I chose this movie and didn't tell her what we were going to see. It's safe to say she had no idea what was in store until the first few seconds of the film when the air guitar-ness thrashed onto the scene and from that point on we as well as the whole audience were riveted and laughing for much of the movie. This doc follows the inception of the US Air Guitar Championships in 2003, the characters that bring it to life and then culminates with the US stars entering the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland. The story is incredibly well woven and I found myself feeling so happy for the filmmakers for making such a successful story and thoroughly enjoying their creation. I highly recommend you seeing this!

P.S. Asians and half-Asians will delight in and feel endeared to C-Diddy. Asian pride!!

Gnome be gone

I think of gnomes, adoringly, at least once a day.


March 26, 2007

Metropolitan Diary March 26, 2007

Always one of my favorite sections of the NY Times, Metropolitan Diary captures some of that New York City magic!

Dear Diary:

One morning in mid-February, on my way to work on a crowded F train, I started to doze as I read my book. Suddenly I was awakened by a woman’s voice loudly noting the presence of a rat in the train car.

Many shrieks and gasps and screams followed, and the car emptied by half when the doors opened at the next station. People at my end of the car stood and looked toward the other end, where the excitement had originated, and then the remaining passengers parted, as if Moses were walking through the car, to allow the rat to run about in its terror.

As the excitement transferred to my end of the car, I heard the following exchange from the far end:

Woman No. 1: “What station was that? Forty-second Street? Oh, I missed my stop.”

Woman No. 2: “How could you miss your stop with a rat in the car? Don’t you want to get off the train?”

Everyone laughed, both at the comment and at the second round of shrieks and screams that accompanied the rat’s exit from the train at Rockefeller Center.

Stephanie Andriole

* More of this week's Metropolitan Diary here.

In Alabama, Execution Without Representation By Adam Liptak

I did not know that Alabama is the only state that doesn't provide counsel to indigent death row inmates Nice!


Nobody much likes the fact that Alabama does not provide indigent death row inmates with lawyers.

“Perhaps, in a perfect world, every inmate would have a lawyer at the ready at all times,” the state’s attorney general told a federal appeals court in a brief defending the practice last year. “But we live in the real world.”

Three judges on that court, the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, also made sympathetic remarks about a utopian alternate reality in which prisoners about to be executed might actually be provided with lawyers.

“If we lived in a perfect world, which we do not, we would like to see the inmates obtain the relief they seek,” Judge Joel F. Dubina wrote. The court unanimously rejected a class action suit from inmates asking for lawyers.

Not every bad idea is unconstitutional, the state and the judges said, and Alabama — the only state that refuses to provide indigent death row inmates with lawyers — should be able to go it alone in this area even at the risk of executing the unjustly convicted or the innocent.

Lawyers for the inmates will ask the United States Supreme Court to hear the case next month. There is, they say, a constitutional right of meaningful access to the courts. No condemned inmate, they add, can be expected without a lawyer to navigate the procedural minefields that Alabama has erected in capital cases. continued...

Best makeup brushes: Trish McEvoy!

Although they are expensive I can wholeheartedly endorse these brushes as the best makeup brushes on the market. Ladies, your mugs will thank you!

Trish McEvoy powder brush #5:


Trish McEvoy bronzer brush #37:


Trish McEvoy blush brush #2B:


Husbands taking their wives' names

I love this trend, mostly because it makes alpha-males so uncomfortable and upset which makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. So satisfying!


Drumsolo by Lasse Gjertsen

Pretty cool talent!

Thanks to my bro for finding this guy!

March 23, 2007

John Jay Forensic Psychology, here I come!!

I was recently accepted into John Jay's Forensic Psychology Masters program!! I am eager and excited to begin classes in the fall.

Here are my main areas of interest - perhaps one or two of you out there has similar fascinations!

The indeterminate art and science of jury consulting: Unnatural Selection by Matthew Hutson. Jury selection took its first halting steps toward science in 1972, when seven Vietnam War protesters were charged with conspiracy and put on trial in conservative Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pretrial polls indicated that 80 percent of potential jurors would vote to convict. Social scientists armed with community surveys explored which backgrounds and attitudes suggested sympathetic jurors (good: women and Democrats; bad: the religious, college educated, subscribers to Reader's Digest). In the end, the Harrisburg Seven received only one minor conviction, and a field was born.

Psychopathology of cults, especially the Aum Shinrikyo: Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche by Haruki Murakami. The sarin attack exposed Tokyo authorities' total lack of preparation to cope with such fiendish urban terrorism. More interesting, however, is the variety of reactions among the survivors, a cross-section of Japanese citizens. Their individual voices remind us of the great diversity within what is too often viewed from afar as a homogeneous society. What binds most of them is their curious lack of anger at Aum. Chilling, too, is the realization that so many Aum members were intelligent, well-educated persons who tried to fill voids in their lives by following Shoko Asahara, a mad guru who promised salvation through total subordination to his will.

Serial returners: Chronic Returners May Be 'Bulimic' Spenders. Dr. April Lane Benson, a psychologist who authored "I Shop, Therefore I Am," said serial returning is a well-kept secret because it carries so much embarrassment and shame. It's "something people don't tend to talk about because the person who is the compulsive returner is often very perfectionistic and feels that they should be more in control," said Benson, a psychologist who specializes in treating compulsive shoppers.

Blue Ribbon & Room 4 Dessert













* My favorite sushi in NYC: Blue Ribbon & a delightful new dessert place: Room 4 Dessert for Jonah's birthday celebration. NY, NY, February '07.

New Yorker Conference / 2012: stories from the near future

Tickets are only $1200!!!!!!! Get 'em aesop!!


A camel's toes

Was just cruising around on the internets, can't imagine what I was searching for!, when I stumbled on this - cute right?!


Celebrity Chef Announces Strict Animal-Welfare Policy by Kim Severson


I've never felt one way or the other about Wolfgang Puck until I read this article and now I'm a fan!

Wolfgang Puck, the Los Angeles chef whose culinary empire ranges from celebrity dinners at Spago to a line of canned soups, said yesterday that he would use eggs and meat only from animals raised under strict humane standards.

Some chefs refuse to serve foie gras because of force feeding of ducks.

With the announcement, Mr. Puck has joined a small group of top chefs around the country who refuse to serve foie gras, the fattened liver of ducks and geese. But Mr. Puck, working with the Humane Society of the United States, has taken his interest in animal welfare beyond ducks.

He has directed his three companies, which together fed more than 10 million people in 2006, to buy eggs only from chickens not confined to small cages. Veal and pork will come from farms where animals are not confined in crates, and poultry meat will be bought from farmers using animal welfare standards higher than those put forth by the nation’s largest chicken and turkey producers. Mr. Puck has also vowed to use only seafood whose harvest does not endanger the environment or deplete stocks.

“We decided about three months ago to be really much more socially responsible,” he said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “We feel the quality of the food is better, and our conscience feels better."

Many chefs at high-end restaurants, some smaller food-service chains and grocery chains like Whole Foods have refused to buy meat and eggs unless animals are raised under certain conditions. In 2000, McDonald’s became the first American food company to impose minimum animal-welfare standards, like increasing cage size, on its egg producers. But Mr. Puck’s program goes much further than most corporate animal-welfare policies, and he is the flashiest culinary name yet to join with animal rights groups in the movement to change farming practices.

Mr. Puck’s ventures include 14 fine-dining restaurants mostly on the West Coast. The flagship is Spago in Los Angeles, which helped him become the nation’s first celebrity chef. He also runs more than 80 Gourmet Express restaurants, many of which are in airports, and sells frozen pizza, soups, kitchen cookware and cookbooks. Mr. Puck estimated his companies' value at $360 million.

Since 2002, at least one animal-rights activist group has tried to persuade Mr. Puck to stop using foie gras from ducks that are force fed extra amounts of grain to fatten their livers and veal from calves chained to small crates and fed a liquid diet to keep their flesh white and tender.

The group, Farm Sanctuary, protested in front of Spago and started a Web site called, which has since been taken down. Mr. Puck dismissed those efforts and said he decided to make the change as a result of a few trips to large-scale farms, discussions with the Humane Society and a desire to mark his 25 years in the business with something more significant than the kinds of big parties he is used to holding for the Oscars.

“I have been telling people we have to stand for something for the next 25 years,” he said. “It’s time for us to make a statement and a time for us to see how we treat what we eat.”

Mr. Puck said prices would increase only a few percentage points on some items.

As many as 98 percent of eggs come from chickens kept in banks of small cages to facilitate mass production, said Diane Storey, a spokeswoman for United Egg, which represents most major egg producers. She and Richard Lobb, a spokesman for the National Chicken Council, which represents major producers of chickens for meat, said their groups had science-based animal welfare certification programs that used humane and ethical guidelines.

“We applaud the fact that he sells a whole lot of chickens,” Mr. Lobb said. “But we think our program is very progressive and he should look at ours before he goes off with the Humane Society.”

10 most magnificent trees in the world

Here are my fave five - for the rest click here!






* via Kottke.

March 22, 2007

Who Created "Hillary 1984"? Mystery Solved!

The story.

The creator.

Group Fun: Please let me be involved in a large-scale prank like this in the very near future.


* From Jonah via StumbleUpon.

Karl Lagerfeld profile in the New Yorker

In the Now: Where Karl Lagerfeld lives by John Colapinto is an interesting profile about an even more interesting man. His relationship to the past is especially intriguing to me as I have a similarly perplexed and irresolute view of the past - on one hand I'm profoundly inspired by history (it's all part of our collective unconscious right?!), on the other, it doesn't feel comfortable for me to dwell in history. For example, I'm not one to look through old photos and memorabilia - I'd rather take photos of the here and now and only on rare occasions perhaps, look back.


March 21, 2007

Cutest Hitler look-alike

Ze Frank said Josie looks like Hitler in this photo - can't say the guy's wrong - really really really cute Hitler look-alike though!


* Whole Foods, Austin, TX during SXSW '07

Beyonce Kid Video

There are videos and then there are videos. This is one such video - best thing you'll see all week - promise. The part where someone walks in front of the camera twice is criminal.


Thanks to my bro for the video!

Weird and awesome animal facts!

Penguins can jump 6 feet in the air.

Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards.

Beavers can hold their breathe for 45 minutes under water.

Elephants are the only animal that can't jump.

Polar bears are left handed.

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

Reindeer eat moss because it contains a chemical that stops their body from freezing.

Snakes can see through their eyelids.

The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head 360 degrees.

Butterflies' taste sensors are in their feet. They taste their food by standing on it.

Katydids have ears in their front legs.

The strongest animal in the world is the rhinoceros beetle. It can lift 850 times its own weight.

Flamingos are pink because shrimp is one of their main sources of food.

The Chameleon can focus its eyes separately to watch two objects at once.

Flamingos eat with their heads upside down to strain the water out of their food.

The Basenji is the only dog which does not bark.

For more, click here (yes, I read kid websites) and try to ignore all the typos - shame on them!


Zodiac is definitely worth seeing. The 1960s through 1970s Bay Area scenery (and parts of Southern California) is striking as is the meticulous storytelling. I love the parts of the film that capture the stifling bureaucracy and tedious procedure (as is so aptly covered by The Wire) that comes with an investigation, especially of this magnitude. The fact that the killer was never actually brought to justice provides great intrigue. It was also great to see Robert Downey Jr. on screen again.


March 20, 2007


A good site for people offended by my previous post: GodTube


Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer


I just finished reading this book and I can't stop recommending it to everyone who is unfortunate enough to cross my path. On the surface, this book is about two brothers who killed their sister in law and her baby in the name of God. However it delves deeper and traces the origins of Mormonism and Mormon Fundamentalism. It is extremely well-written and well-researched - who knew a book about Mormons could be a page-turner?! I certainly didn't! My only issue with this book is the personal problem I now have: I feel complete bewilderment instead of compassion for those that follow the Mormon faith...and almost all other religions. It's simply difficult to understand how people believe in such fantasy (lunacy?). I suppose our desire for answers enables people to go to such great, reason-defying lengths be comforted. Ultimately, this book and the questions I've pondered as a result of reading it have made me realize I don't really want to convert to Judaism anymore. It's funny how it's come full-circle for me: I was raised Atheist (peppered with some cultural Buddhism and Shintoism), kinda-sorta felt it would be nice to belong to a religious community and I now am excited to raise my kids pretty much the same way - Atheist with some cultural Jewish, Buddhist and Shinto traditions sprinkled on top! I'm certain this will make total sense to my poor, unsuspecting offspring!

March 19, 2007

K-Fed vs. Google


Oh my god. Someone please stop K-Fed. From Papazao to taking on Google. Oh K. K, K, K, K, K. You are a treasure. Sunk at the bottom of the ocean.

Best clue in today's NYT crossword

33A: David Sedaris's comic sister

I filled in Amy with glee.

SXSW '07: Juiceboxxx Still Life

Found this fantastic photo on the internets of Juice, bloggerazzi, and our very own swooning Peggy:


For more Juiceboxxx photos on Flickr click here and here.

* At the BuzzFeed-Ze Frank-Juiceboxxx party at SXSW 2007.

SXSW '07: BuzzFeed-Ze Frank-Juiceboxxx party: John Cameron Mitchell & Danielle Sea




SXSW '07: BuzzFeed-Ze Frank-Juiceboxxx party: Kenyatta Cheese by Kenyatta Cheese

I discovered these photos on my camera the morning after the party and really worried that I didn't remember taking these photos. Imagine my relief when Kenyatta told me he took the photos!

Photo shoot of Kenyatta by Kenyatta!






March 16, 2007

Eating in the dark

I am completely riveted by this idea of eating in the dark.


After our taste test party, I'm fairly certain my taste buds are lazy and that I'm an impressionable sucker, responsive only to brands. I can't wait to confirm or deny this when the first NYC 'eating in the dark' restaurant opens!

The Nation's Pulse: Terribly Exciting by Ben Stein

Sobering thoughts on the state of our financial times by old-school conservative Ben Stein of Beuller? Beuller? fame.


The average wage of the American worker adjusted for inflation is lower than it was in 1973. The only way that Americans have been able to maintain their standard of living at the middle and lower ends has been to send more family members to work and to draw down savings or go into debt or both.

The most sought after jobs in the United States now are jobs in finance in which basically almost no money is raised for new steel mills or coal mines, but immense sums are raised to buy companies, recapitalize them -- which means pay the new owners immense special dividends and other payments for going to the trouble of taking over the company. This process results in fantastically well-paid investment bankers and private equity "financial engineers" and has no measurably beneficial effect on the economy generally. It does facilitate the making of ever younger millionaires and an ever more leveraged American corporate structure.

An entire new class of financial entity has been created called "the hedge fund." It is new not in the sense that there were not always funds that hedged by selling short or buying assets uncorrelated with other assets. The new part of this phenomenon is that it is based on a demonstrably false premise: that these entities can consistently outperform wide stock indexes. They have not and cannot, and yet their managers and employees for a time are paid stupendously well.

As with the private equity function, the main effect is to siphon money from productive enterprise into financial manipulation. Or, to put it another way, to siphon money from Main Street to Greenwich or Wall Street.

Starting MBA's at hedge funds, which are basically gaming enterprises, get paid multi-six figure sums. Starting teachers in the state of Florida get paid $28,000 a year.

Here's what else is new and exciting (or terrible) in money: there is real poverty among the soldiers who fight our wars. There are fist fights to get children into $30,000 a year kindergartens and pre-schools in the right neighborhoods in Manhattan. There are 40 million Americans without health care insurance. There are almost 40 million baby boomers with no savings for retirement. There is a long waiting list for Bentleys at the dealership in Beverly Hills.

There are soldiers' wives selling blood to buy toys for their kids. There is a man selling non-functioning body armor who threw a $10 million Bat Mitzvah for his daughter.

In Brentwood, where the houses start at $3 million, the housewives complain about what a terrible country America is. In Clinton, South Carolina, where the textile mill closed fifteen years ago and there is real hardship, the young men still believe in America and their fiancees at Presbyterian College wait for them while they fight in Iraq.

This is a small part of what's new and exciting (or terrible) in America in the world of money right now.

* via Kottke.

Unfiltered olive oil

I have been hearing the glories of unfiltered olive oil for a while now and can't wait to taste it because I know I will love it...imagine, olive oil...suped up!

The Holocaust survivor's ode to unfiltered olive oil is super touching and appetite whetting.


Warning: Doggies like lip gloss!


Thanks to Nicole for the photo!

Follow up on Greenwich Village Shooting

Background on the auxilliary cops:


Retracing what happened:


Background on the gunman:


March 15, 2007

SXSW '07: BuzzFeed-Ze Frank-Juiceboxxx party

Warning: Even for this blog there are an alarming number of exclamation marks contained within this post.


The line outside our party:




BuzzFeeders Mark, Chris and Peggy!


Triple cheese!






His one hour old tattoos:


My darling friend from high school, Lindsay Muse!


John, thanks for supporting our art! Wanna cig?


Susan and Ze chat about Costa Rica as a great place for detoxing:


Me and BuzzFeed's incredible designer Chris:


Me and BuzzFeed's super cool (not to mention cute!) trend editor Peggy:


Ze! Ze!! Ze!!!














JuiceBoxxx was truly incredible - thanks so much for Cory Arcangel for the great recommendation of having Juiceboxxx perform!


Our super talent for the evening:


DJ Juiceboxxx!!


You know you're at a geek party when one of the dancers is wearing a Firefox t-shirt:


One sober BuzzFeeder and one not at all sober BuzzFeeder:


Peggy & Jonah:


What a cutie!!




Oh dear:


Please get off that stage:


What was I saying, I wonder... Jonah looks worried, Juice looks polite:


Anthony, a friend we made that night - apparently I teased him all night (I did? and about what I also don't remember) and he ended up carrying Juiceboxxx's records to his hotel. The next day Juice said, "oh! I thought he was with you guys - that you guys were friends from New York!" No Juice, he's just your groupie:


And the end of the night, it's always me, Jonah and our sidekicks!


Thanks to everyone who helped make the party a success!!

Oh look, there was an Asian Invasion at the party!!

Sedaris Exposed!

Apparently, everyone's talking about the fact that David Sedaris' non-fictional work is not entirely non-fiction. I don't get the uproar. When you write, blog and tell stories about your life, isn't the substance mostly non-fiction sprinkled with a little fiction? Or perhaps I'm delusional, fantastical, and an occasional liar.


* via BuzzFeed for which we are psyched to have Scott Lamb editing today and tomorrow!

Greenwich Village Gunfight Leaves Four Dead

We were very close to this terrible incident last night as we returned from dinner and were parting ways with friends when one cop car and then undercover cop car after another raced past us. Standing on Houston & Mott I commented that if I took down all the license plate numbers of the undercover cop cars and posted them it would sure be a stellar blog post! But then things started getting freaky when the cops cars, vans, emergency units and even an under cover construction van with ladder on its roof continued to speed by with no sign of relenting. Then helicopters started swarming and shining a spotlight as if looking for something or at least illuminating a really bad situation. When Jonah said that there still were more cops, helicopters and commotion on 9/11, I was not soothed. We walked west to investigate and stopped a block away from where it all went down (unbeknownst to us at the time) and turned around deciding, mostly subconsciously, that sometimes it's better not to know the whole story. On the way back at Houston & Broadway, two cops were frantically directing traffic while closing off Houston west of Broadway and I couldn't just walk away from panicked cops because there's nothing like people of authority panicked - instant panic attack for Andrea! The cop responded to my question of what was going on by saying, "several of our officers have been shot." He looked shell-shocked and I felt a chill through my body. A second later our friends who we dined with who continued west towards home called to say they heard that a guy held up a pizza joint on Houston & Sullivan and shot two undercover cops in the process and that there was a manhunt for him. When we got home we learned the full story via NY1. It's very sad.


5 seconds with Josie

It is highly irresponsible of Mark and Tam to post these photos of their daughter on the internets. Don't they know that this much cuteness increases her chances of getting kidnapped*??!!


* I may have crossed the line with this comment. Sincere apologies to M & T! ...but really, too much cuteness can be dangerous and I know this because I am the country's preeminent cuteness connoisseur.

March 14, 2007

Sweet sweet passover coke


Often times I don't feel American. These times include when I'm not in New York, San Francisco or LA and when I hear about things like this. How have I never heard of this before??

P.S. Jason Kottke is the BuzzFeed Editor for the day!! So far, so great!

Learn a new animal! Okapi

The okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a mammal of the Ituri Rainforest in central Africa. Although it bears striped markings reminiscent of the zebra, it is most closely related to the giraffe. Native just to the Ituri forests situated in the north east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it was known only to the local people until 1901.

Cool fact: The tongue of an okapi is long enough for the animal to wash its eyelids and clean its ears: it is one of the few mammals that can lick its own ears!!!


* Thanks to today's New York Times crossword puzzle for reminding me of the existence of these cool fellas.

You can't buy sophistication...nor drinks called highballs.



* via Ricky's blog.

Men look at crotches

I could have told you this but...


* via Kottke.

Cute or Not? Baby sloth video

Looking past the Flo-Jo nails and concentrating really hard on just the part where it falls asleep...Baby sloth gets a 5 on the cute scale*!

* modeled after the Hot or Not 1 - 10 scale with 10 being the Hottest.

** Thanks to the three people who sent me this video!

March 13, 2007

SXSW '07: Kenyatta Cheese's Celebrity Upskirts

While I struggle to put down this book long enough to post my photos from SXSW, enjoy this great Celebrity Upskirts flickr set by Kenyatta!

Some faves:

If only that had been my last drink...ever:


Alas, it most certainly wasn't but our party was off the hook! I party for the team:


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:


The Fabulous Life of a Blogger:


Jacod Lodwick uses his new tattoo (2 inch demarcations) to measure a girl's grill - hot!


Celebrity Ze Frank who can't even be bothered to ham it up:


Doggies & Dessert: Chelsea Peretti promo

I encourage everyone to make a similar video of your two favorite things - what will yours be??

Mine: Either doggies & noodles or true crime novels & crosswords. I'm guessing the former would be the better choice, visually.

March 12, 2007

We're all wet kitties at some point or another

I may not actually look like this on the outside but believe me, this is how I feel and what I look like on the inside:


* Flying back to NYC from Austin today. Exhausted.

** Thanks to Mark for the picture!

March 9, 2007

BuzzFeed! Ze Frank!! Juiceboxxx!!!

Let's party tomorrow night in Austin!!!


Check out the triumvirate!

1) BuzzFeed on Vaginal Rejuvenation, White Chicks Flashing Gang Signs, and Illegal Drugs Now Harmless.

2) Ze Frank:

3) Juiceboxxx:

Tokyo '06: Muji toe socks

Nothing like toe snugglers for winter!


* Muji store, Aoyama.

Tokyo '06: YokuMoku tea and cake





* YokuMoku, a pastry institution and tres chic cafe, Omotesando.

March 8, 2007

Thanks CBS for turning my son GAY.

Oh my god. I am laughing so hard: One of several complaints filed against Prince's Super Bowl performance.

* via Anil, a fellow Prince and the color purple (not the book!) fan!

Tokyo '06: Kiddy Land booty

From Kiddy Land's website: For half a century, KIDDY LAND has provided fun times and helped make dreams come true for both children and grownups. And, by keeping abreast of changing times and lifestyles, you will find something new and exciting every time you visit.

Fun times...yes! For grownups, check! Abreast...yup and yup!



* Kiddy Land, Harajuku.

Tokyo '06: Kishimen lunch






* Restaurant in Mark City building, Shibuya

Tokyo '06: Prada Tokyo




March 7, 2007

How NOT to conduct yourself via email

I get lots of email from people saying nice things about my blog. That's great. In fact it's lovely. But I also get lots of emails from people asking me questions. And most of them are not little questions that I could answer in a few seconds like, "How much per month do you pay for blog hosting?" They are painfully vague, incredibly annoying questions that if I were to answer would require a lot of my time, thinking and energy which means the questioner is the type of person who 1) does not value other peoples time 2) is entitled because they believe that people are just willing to help them out! and 3) has a terrible understanding of social ties (i.e. your friend or friend's friend may be willing to help you out but you can't expect the same TLC from a stranger!) Why, I ask, I plead, I beseech, why are people like this?! Ugh. So deeply irritating.

Just one of several recent examples (I was kind enough to fog out her last name and email address - not sure why):


Insufferable Clinginess, or Healthy Dependence? by Benedict Carey

A moderately interesting NYT article on neediness.



Neediness has a familiar face: the close friend who is continually asking for reassurance, for advice, for help with the wireless connection.

For some reason, that line is so funny to me. No! I don't want to help you with your wifi problems!

Tip for parents:

Researchers measure the strength of dependency traits by having people rate how highly they endorse certain beliefs, like, “After a fight with a friend, I must make amends as soon as possible"; "I am very sensitive to others for signs of rejection; or “I have a lot of trouble making decisions for myself."

In studies, people who score highly on these tests also tend to rate their parents as either authoritarian or overly protective (or one of each). "The message growing up is: You’re fragile, you’re weak, you need someone powerful to look after you," Dr. Bornstein said.

On compromise:

At least in the short run, dependent traits seemed to buffer the relationships in times of crisis, the authors suggest. Afraid of losing the relationship, “individuals high on dependency may actually behave in a more positive way to their partner, like being more complying, being more loving,” said Bénédicte Lowyck, the psychologist who led the study.

In the long run, Ms. Lowyck said, it is not at all clear whether such protective instincts nourish a relationship or smother it. The answer will depend on the couple, experts say, and likely on the content of a partner’s dependence: how it is expressed, whether the person is generous as well as needy, flexible as well as anxious.

Must not see broken Asimo, Must not see broken Asimo, Must not see broken Asimo

Thanks to Hannah for the link!

March 6, 2007

Tokyo '06: Steakhouse Hama!

It was a typical Harner-Yoshida reunion - over delicious food!

En route in the nicest, cleanest cabs in the world!


How cute are Keiko and my oniichan (Yasushi)!? My lurking Ojichan too!


My obachan and mom out of focus but only literally (don't know exactly what this means but it feels right)!


Now that we're photo!!


Let's start with some abalone shall we? Japanese tip/wives tale for pregnant ladies: if you are expecting a daughter and you eat lots of abalone, your daughter's complexion will be beautiful:


Me and obachan! (I can't figure out the weird shadow cast over my face):


And now for the shrimp. Cook it up, Chef! Cook. it. up!!


Oh poor shrimps:








Jonah, pregnant and incredibly cute Keiko and Oniichan:


Ojichan (The OG), Edward and Pops:


Oh the steak:


Was so soft, flavorful and mouth-watering:


It's hard to describe:


But easy to taste and to recall tasting::


Voila - in little bit-sized pieces which if I could have all my food that way I would!


On our way out we spotted the raw goods:


Jonah's very patient with my photo-taking:


* Let me now state for the record that according to my palette, Japanese steak is the best steak in the world.

How may countries can you name in 10 minutes??

I love when geeks make stuff like this. Anything to do with travel, I'm in! Wow, I did surprisingly poorly - 66 countries in 10 minutes. How did you do?

Clearly, function was prioritized over fashion!


* via Kottke.

Homophobic Tranny calls John Edwards a faggot

Update in response to Hasan's comment: I totally agree - her mental imbalance is plain to see - the woman needs psychiatric help!

Ann Coulter is frightening (and ugly - but I'm above that!) Can someone please explain to me why this woman is so full of hate and terror? If I knew that as a little girl she was gang raped and then parts of her body cannibalized by a liberal cult, then I could possibly understand.


* via BuzzFeed.

March 5, 2007

King Lear at the Public Theater

Update: Although I don't have any other King Lear performances to compare this one with, I'd have to agree with this NYTimes review that is is "King Lear Lite".

I had never seen King Lear performed live before so when Jonah asked if I wanted to join Kenny and Katherine to see King Lear at the Public Theater on opening night(!!!) I said sure...why not... Having accepted their invite to last summer's Mother Courage, I became forever spoiled by primo seating - I knew we'd be equally spoiled this time and we were. The Anspacher Theater is incredibly intimate - at one point I had to dodge some spittle while I was busily comparing the looks of the Edmund character to Jason Priestley - aaaahhh, the blending of high and low brow delights me!

If you have an opportunity to see King Lear (Kevin Kline and a great cast), do so!


Thanks again to K & K for the great experience!

Where's the Asian American Pop Star?

...would have been a much better title then Trying to Crack the Top 100 by Mireya Navarro but who am I to judge?!


Jonah and I talked about this NYT articles at length over brunch during which time I discovered much to my surprise that Asian Americans only constitute 4% of the American population (I thought it was more like 12%). And then it was explained that my perplexity was understandable only because I live/have lived in California and New York, where most Asian Americans in this country are - aha! Anyway, I think that a few reasons are to blame for the no-Asian-American-pop-star phenomenon: 1) Asian culture doesn't encourage individuality which is a prerequisite to be a diva, 2) constituting only 4% of the population and looking so different from the majority of Americans makes Asian Americans not relateable and 3) Asian Americans haven't yet created their own sound so music made by them can't help but be seen lesser than the original sound.

Perhaps I add to this phenomenon when I earnestly ask that any reader who is interested in starting a Japanese pop cover band contact me!! :-)

P.S. Jonah, even though I agree with you that Tila Tequila is Asian and somewhat of a star, however dubious, she's really just a stripper who raps.

Big Brother lives in your computer

iSpy on you!


Dahl: The cute girl from Project Runway strikes!

I loved Alison Kelly's personal style from last season's project runway so I am delighted to hear that she's launched her clothing line! I'm excited for her because judging from these pieces, they could be popular but unfortunately I'm not so into them - I'd prefer she let me rummage through her closet instead. Aly, slumber party in your closet!!


* via BuzzFeed.

Another 'natural' disaster to live in fear of!



For more images for your nightmare database, click here. can handle the truth! Kiddy Porn is its third most popular post.

It really is a blessing and a curse isn't it, that I have a post entitled Kiddy porn:


March 2, 2007



Here's the book about Faith the dog - check him out:


* Thanks to Jamie Rollins (and Montel) for this video!!!

GLAMOROUS by Fergie & Ludacris

Obsessed with this song right now.

~ If you ain't got no money take yo broke ass home ~


~ I still go to taco bell drive-thru, raw as hell, I don't care, I'm still real, no matter how many records I sell ~

Taco Bell as proof of realness!

Ugliest buildings in New York City


* via Kottke.

March 1, 2007

Israeli researchers promise a more beautiful you



Three Israeli computer scientists from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have developed the ultimate enhancement tool for retouching digital images. Called the Beauty Function, their program scans an image of your face, studies it and produces a slightly more beautiful you.

Plastic surgeons, he adds, may find it helpful to increase business. With a flick of a switch they can show people how minor alterations on the face and neck can enhance attractiveness.


* via Kottke.

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