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March 22, 2007

Karl Lagerfeld profile in the New Yorker

In the Now: Where Karl Lagerfeld lives by John Colapinto is an interesting profile about an even more interesting man. His relationship to the past is especially intriguing to me as I have a similarly perplexed and irresolute view of the past - on one hand I'm profoundly inspired by history (it's all part of our collective unconscious right?!), on the other, it doesn't feel comfortable for me to dwell in history. For example, I'm not one to look through old photos and memorabilia - I'd rather take photos of the here and now and only on rare occasions perhaps, look back.



shao-li, the way I read the article was that Lagerfeld's extreme fear about "not-being-in-the-know" and/or "being-left-behind-in-the-past" was clearly exhibited in his changing his entourages and tearing away the pages he read from books for example.... But, you are the psychologist (or to-be) here...

Posted by: reichi at March 23, 2007 3:31 PM
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