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March 27, 2007

Seredipitous Pictionary

What began as Duncan dropping by early Sunday evening turned into a six-person hang-out fueled by wine, noodles I cooked!, dinner and a Pictionary game lasting several fun hours. My highlight was drawing "metal detector" by drawing an airplane, a runway and a terminal (more like a box to which the runway ran into) which had my team correctly screaming airport. Since they had the right context I then drew a stick figure and an arrow towards something that slightly resembled the metal detectors we all suffer through at the airport. "Metal detector!" someone screamed on my team - "Bingo!" My lowest of lows was when I tried drawing the essence of "Michael Jackson". I must remind you all that the Pictionary timer is extremely short and unforgiving. So I started out drawing jerry curls on a face and an arrow from the hair to a fire - remember the Pepsi commercial??!! - and that wasn't successful so I moved onto the nose. I mean, THE NOSE. I circled where the nose would be and then drew an x through it. Still nothing. Which is when I resorted to drawing a penis on the figure and drawing a really small stick figure next to it and then well, you can imagine what I had to do. Still nothing. Lots of laughs but nothing. The timer ran out which is of course when I realized all I ever needed to draw was THE GLOVE. All this is to say that Pictionary is super fun - I encourage you to buy the game (and a white board!) and sic it on your guests!


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