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June 8, 2007

Crossword compliment

On Wednesday night I forcibly snuggled up to Jonah with a 70% completed Wednesday crossword and said we were going to complete it by team work! As I figured out some tough answers we both remarked how I have gotten noticeably better since I started hard-core crosswording 6 months ago. Just as I began to revel in this, the greatest compliment of all came. "You're really going to be good when you're an old lady," Jonah said. If you were in the apartment across the street you would have been momentarily blinded by a flash of light coming from our apt. because I was beaming.


I do the NYT crossword too. I remember after my kid was born, I couldn't do it. My brain was scrambled and I couldn't even get one answer. I thought it was a sure sign that I was unraveling and a goner. But I rated my return to normalcy not on my child's milestones like walking, talking, getting teeth - instead I used my percentage of completeness of my crossword as my benchmark. Weird crossword confession: When I complete an entire puzzle, I hand it over to my patient hubby and he puts a star on it and writes, "Good work!" at the top.

AH.com response: Your confession makes me happy :-) I am also now prepared for crossword failure when I have kids!

Posted by: Jayne at June 10, 2007 9:23 AM
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