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June 4, 2007

Justice: Crimes, Trials, and Punishments by Dominick Dunne

This book was enjoyable the way a three star movie is enjoyable. I love the topic and generally speaking I believe Dunne is pretty right on with his opinions and hunches however his thought process seems overly simplistic to me. I would prefer that "true crime" books be guided by sociological insight as provided by Lefkowitz in Our Guys or a psychological perspective as Carrere explored in The Adversary. I like some scientific thought to anchor the process of thinking about crime. It was fun however to reminisce about the "great" crimes of the 90s such as the Menendez brothers and of course OJ (still makes me rant and rave that he was acquitted) and if I were stranded on a desert island for a day I would be happy to have only this book...but when the rescue plane came I would surely talk the pilot's ear off about how the book isn't as thoughtful as I would have liked.


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