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July 13, 2007

Sicko by Michael Moore


I walked out of Sicko with an overwhelming pride for sharing a nationality with Michael Moore as he may be one of the greatest American patriots of our time. It is obvious from all his films that he is not a journalist. If you hold him to journalistic standards it is incredibly frustrating to watch his films which are about relentlessly complex problems yet that doesn't stop him from over simplifying, over romanticizing and failing to blame all culpable parties. He is however, a true patriot in the sense that he holds America to the ideals she so strongly espouses and by using the tactics he knows best and is best known for, tirelessly tries to make her live up to all of them. Even with the overstatements and oversights replete in this film, I ask you how many people are making films spotlighting our atrocious health care system and its painful consequences? Not many so I commend you, Michael Moore!


So many people miss the point.
He is shining a light on an issue in
hopes of getting more people involved in
the discussion. Obviously, the more educated
and aware you are, the more likely you are
to accept "agree to disagree" because you
acknowledge and accept all the various agendas, differences, "moving parts." What
sucks in this country right now is the fundamental
fear of debate. There is power in listening to
others and giving thoughtful examination to views that are contrary to your own. The more you know...
Anyway, he has to be extreme because it's a
"left or right" "with us or with the terrorists"
"pro science or God-fearing" "black or white"
country...and ever more so...not to mention his
medium of choice is inherently passive (viewer) and therefore must be ever more dramatic (story/subject) just to get people in the door and keep them captive.

Ok enough rambling from me. Thanks, Andrea.
For some reason, I feel compelled to add this quote:
"Leaders must always put their people before themselves" Sam Walton

AH.com: Agreed on all points, KatyO!

Posted by: ko at July 13, 2007 9:15 PM

Right on! Michael Moore's film was quite amazing. Having lived outside this country for a while and seeing how well "socialised" medicine functions (although not perfect) makes me quite depressed that the U.S.A. cannot seem to get their shit together to take care of its own people.

This movie really made me want to move back to the UK. I hope, if nothing else, that this movie will bring about some form of discourse on the possibility for a healthcare system for all. This country needs it.

Posted by: Kevin at July 16, 2007 10:46 AM
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