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August 1, 2007

Best bed sheets - updated with confession

Update!!! The 70% pima cotton 30% seaweed sheets I mention below have been found at the 6th Ave Bed Bath & Beyond store! AND, they are now $100 instead of $200!!! The sales associate told me that they are in fact the best sheets they sell but their customers just weren't buying them at $200 so they are now clearance items for half off. I highly suggest buying a set if you are in the hood! I am going to buy another one while they are still around!

There comes a time in every blogger's life when she has to admit a mistake and apologize to her readers. My time has come. I have learned that the bed sheets I thought I was reviewing were not in fact the the sheets I was challenged to review. I have slept on the aforementioned sheets since realizing this mistake and can no longer stand behind them as the best sheets. They are fine and undoubtedly good quality but they are not nearly soft enough for my liking. The sheets I thought were the best bed sheets were sheets I purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond a while ago. For some strange, unknown reason, BBB no longer stocks them nor can I find them anywhere online - this mention is the best I can find and as you can see the links don't satisfy. Jonah says, "they've probably been recalled!" Probably.

The good news is that this past weekend while staying at The Standard Miami I discovered delightful, heavenly sheets by Fili D'oro. I researched them and discovered they only sell to hotels (The Standard and The Ritz-Carlton among others) however I just called The Standard and asked to purchase a set and they say that upon receiving their next shipment of sheets, they will sell and send a set! The Fili D'oro sheets and the elusive Seacell sheets are truly the softest, loveliest sheets.

For those of you who bought the Thomas Lee sheets based on my recommendation (I already know of one) I truly apologize for my erroneous review. They have a 30 day return policy so that's an option or if you love the sheets, well then perfect!

Apologies again.


Aren't the BBB sheets listed here?

AH.com: Yes but the seacell sheets are no longer listed there nor sold in the stores!

Posted by: star at July 23, 2007 4:18 PM

Believe you can purchase the Fili D'oro sheets from the Bevery Hilton hotel web page.


AH.com: Oh wow! Looks like it. Thanks!!!

Posted by: Bonnie Gerard at October 4, 2007 7:26 PM
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