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August 24, 2007

Hinoki! Japanese Cypress! Japanese bathtubs!

Oh Hinoki...you make me weak in the knees...


During our trip to Hakone last week we stayed in a ryokan with several onsen and rotenburo (outdoor hotsprings which are my preference). While my mom and I bathed ourselves before stepping into the rotenburo we used the hinoki oil infused shampoo and conditioner the inn provided and the smell was divine. I fell in love instantly. Then my mom told me all about hinoki, its antibacterial qualities and its use in construction including for bathtubs (the one we were about to step into was made of hinoki). Of course I had to ask, "but how can wood withstand so much water?" and the amazing answer is that it's resistant to rot - some claim for over 1000 years! Incredibly durable, healing and fragrant.

A promise to no one in particular: If and when Jonah and I move into a place we own I will have a hinoki tub made and installed - preferably outside!!

* So psyched that BuzzFeed covered this - to learn more check out these links!

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