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August 6, 2007

The Theresa Duncan Tragedy by Kate Coe, LA Weekly News


The most revealing article thus far which paints not such a nice picture of Theresa but feels like a more whole picture than has been reported thus far. Interesting quotes, the first of which makes one suspect mental illness in the family:

“She claimed [her father] had serious mental-health problems and was notorious around town for doing bizarre things,” recalls Gesue.

“She was losing her grip on reality, and Jeremy was so devoted to her that he would go along with it . . . It became impossible to ignore, and so my [girlfriend] and I began to extricate ourselves.”

Art dealer and gallery owner Christine Nichols, who had known the couple for years, told the Weekly that Duncan sometimes found it hard to see Blake working with anyone but her. Their relationship was so intertwined, Nichols says, “You were either in complete agreement with everything they said or you were an enemy.”


A huge clue to what happened here may also lie in a very telling quote from the LA times article: "If you sat with them for a while, drinking the massive Manhattans they were always drinking,..." Always drinking massive cocktails...hello? I am not saying other mental illness wasnlt involved, but Theresa's evident paranoia and depression are big markers of chronic heavy drinking -- and would certainly be fueled by it. Sadly, there are no small number of high-functioning alcoholics out there who are capable of great creative and intellectual acheivements -- but self-destruct as a result of untreated addiction.

AH.com: Agreed!

Posted by: Kim M. at August 7, 2007 1:16 PM

The time was approximately fourteen years ago in San Francisco's Mission District where I lived with my husband, John. My brother from Washington, D.C. brought his then-girlfriend Theresa to visit for a long-weekend. I have a small extended family living in the Bay Area and we all got together at my home to welcome her to San Francisco. We had such a great time with her. Showed her all around the city, took her to Pt. Reyes for a hike, strolled Mill Valley where I had raised my two daughters, took her to a great concert in Oakland and enjoyed every minute with her. Needless to say, we all fell in love with her and stayed up until the wee hours fascinated by her expert knowledge of just about everything. What a treat.

We kept in touch. John and I visited New York and Theresa and my brother joined us for a long weekend. Theresa introduced me to Barney's. We had a marvelous time. I remember buying a pair of socks. She "educated" me on current hot designers. I loved that trip.

She and my brother parted ways. She moved to New York. We lost touch sorry to say. I am sad beyond belief on hearing the news of her death. My thoughts go out to all the people who loved her. A beautiful person with a brillliant mind of her own.

Marsha Parker

Posted by: marsha parker at August 10, 2007 7:03 PM
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