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September 18, 2007

Jonah Peretti in Men's Vogue - Apparently Men's Vogue agrees with me that Jonah's a visionary!!

Oh wait, that's me! How did Andrea Harner finagle that, you ask??!! Answer is I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the photo shoot (wearing my favorite color!) so now you know what the mystery event was! And here's the accompanying article!



Awsome! the creator of Buzzfeed..who knew. You guys rock!

Posted by: Fonz at September 18, 2007 2:54 PM

Sexy bitches. I love it! Your going to have to start rocking your mustache tattoo in public now. Groupies are sure to follow!

Posted by: Lily at September 18, 2007 4:57 PM

Wow! That's pretty impressive. Jonah should collaberate with the beastie boys.

AH.com: It's in the works :-)

Posted by: matt PiE at September 18, 2007 7:39 PM

Congrats! That is so cool! Mens Vogue...how fancy.
I've been reading your blog for over three years now and love it!

Posted by: Preeti at September 19, 2007 12:08 AM

wow you are beyond fabulous


you inspire me perpetually
and thrillingly
and I am so honored to know you

Posted by: ko at September 19, 2007 3:15 AM

Congratulations to your success! I've been reading your blog for over a year now and it always entertains me and keeps me informed of cute tiny things.

Posted by: BQ at September 19, 2007 12:32 PM


Posted by: Angelina Lai at September 19, 2007 1:20 PM

Please tell me you got to keep the dress!

(Jonah gets great recognition and all I can think about is the lovely purple dress...who's a designer here?) Congratulations to you both.

Posted by: weetiny at September 20, 2007 2:42 AM

can i get a print of that photo?
suitable for framing?

AH.com: Spoken like a true mother! :-) I'll look into it.

Posted by: MnL at September 21, 2007 11:31 AM
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