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Thanks for your support for Marty Tankleff. I was directed to your blog by an entry made on www.martytankleff.org by Doctor News who got a google alert regarding your website. The internet may be Marty's only chance. I am a retired New York State Police Investigator who spent most of my 23 year career in Suffolk County where the Tankleff murders occurred. I have also been one of the most vocal advocates for Marty in Suffolk County for the past 4 years. However, Marty has been blessed with other faithful freedom fighters. Justice does not occur in a vacuum. The appellate judges just hearing Marty's on October 5th in Brooklyn will thread lightly if they know the whole world is watching. You are still young and idealistic. Marty needs an army of people like you and your friends. Marty could have been anyone's son or loved one. If there is no justice for Marty, there is no justice for anyone.

Posted by: Bob Olson at October 12, 2007 6:45 PM
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