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October 3, 2007

Women Only/Only in Japan Train Car, Japan summer '07

In reaction to the almost epidemic problem of males groping women during subway rides, women only train cars have emerged. The cars are women only during rush hour times because most of these crimes occurred during the densely packed rush hour commute. In such a conformist society it would be unheard of for a man to enter those cars so I believe they have been effective at keeping the perverts at bay. The most disturbing part of this problem was that apparently most women kept quiet while they were being sexually harassed/molested/abused because they didn't want to cause a scene and I'm guessing they didn't want to be subjected to the probably pan-cultural phenomenon of women having to prove their innocence in situations in which they themselves are the victims! With the advent of this new system can you imagine a woman's relief??!


Dad checks it out...


Brother is titillated. LOLOL.


* On train ride home from Hakone hot springs vacay!


I think this is a great idea and I hope that someday we'll have this in NYC as well. Myself and almost every other women I know has had at least one incident on the subway, if not more than one. It's a horrible and disturbing fact that women have to be subjected to the possibility, I'm all for eliminating that fear!

AH.com: I completely agree!! I would feel so much safer, physically and psychologically but can you imagine New York men (especially of the antisocial nature) abiding by this??? It's hard for me to imagine.

Posted by: Morgan at October 3, 2007 10:29 AM

Would your dad or bro get a ticket for going in there? What's the violation for a man? I'd like to know, thanks!

AH.com: I am pretty sure that they would get fined, chastised and seen as a social leper.

Posted by: M at October 3, 2007 2:49 PM

They started this in Rio de Janeiro's subways too. I once got groped on the train and it wasn't even rush hour. I'm not like Japanese women at all, but I felt the situation was so bizarre - the guy was very, very, very inappropriate - I had little reaction but to try to move away from him, and he still kept groping me. I had a horrible time, but that's not my point. I've known about this women only car in Japan for quite a while, but it's a new thing in Rio. And I always take this specific car, even when it's not rush hour, to see how men react. I think its funny how uncomfortable some of them feel. Most of the men who enter it are somewhat unfamiliar with the whole concept and either look embarrassed for their whole gender (which I think is very funny)or keep a look of "oh shit I don't belong here, do I belong here? Should I leave? No, I'm staying, I'm a nice person, right?"

AH.com: Wow, thanks for this story. I'm sorry you had that experience but I'm glad that Brazil has enacted the same measure. Funny reactions by the men too!

Posted by: Baru at October 4, 2007 9:07 AM

I remember my Canadian friend and I confronted a Hentai Ojisan who was gropping girls on the Yamanote line. We started pushing him around a bit and asked him (in Japanese) if his actions were cool. The funny thing is that everyone was looking at us like we were the wierdos.

I think women only cars are a great idea and I would feel good about the option for the women in my life. But what about MAN ONLY cars? They can even serve beer and have the Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue available!

Posted by: Jamie at October 10, 2007 7:28 PM
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