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November 26, 2007

Outside Edge: However you slice it, Tokyo has taste by Gwen Robinson, Financial Times

Tokyo is truly home to the yummiest food on the entire planet - and not just Japanese food but every other type of food as well - AND from cheap to fancy and everything in between, you can't go wrong!! There are several reasons why this is the case - read ahead!

A national passion speaks volumes about a country’s collective psyche. Consider the English love of soccer, India’s of cricket, Australia’s mania for just about any sport, and Italy’s and France’s worship of food, wine and fashion.

But on all things gastronomic, perhaps no country is as passionate – and exacting – as Japan, where tea-making is a semi-religious ritual, pastry chefs can gain rock star status, and people will queue for hours to buy courgette-flavoured macaroons or the first special mushrooms of the season.

Michelin Guides revealed half of that story to the world this week when they awarded more of their famed stars to Tokyo restaurants (an unprecedented 191) than they have bestowed on any other city (including, mon Dieu, Paris) with the launch of their first guide outside Europe and America: the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2008.

But there is more to Japan’s food obsession than a huge array of top-quality restaurants. Consider a few facts:

More than one third of Japanese commercial television is devoted to food-related themes, from wacky eating competitions to earnest cooking programmes. On a per-capita basis, inner Tokyo (population 8.5m) boasts the highest concentration of eateries among the world’s major cities – just under 200,000, according to the Tokyo government, compared with about 20,000 restaurants for Paris and 23,000 for New York City. Japan now draws more Michelin-starred chefs than any country apart from France. Continue reading...


No wonder they are becoming fat!

AH.com: Umm, well it's more complicated than that but ok...

Posted by: Ottayan at November 25, 2007 11:56 PM

This is true! Tokyo has EVERYTHING from French to Ethiopian. Moreover, the Japanese have high standards. Even the Denny's are delecable!

AH.com: I agree! Denny's is delicious in Tokyo!

Posted by: Jamie at November 26, 2007 3:10 PM
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