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May 22, 2008

Schoooooooooool's out. for. summer!!!!!!!

Update: No 'Where in the world is Andrea Harner?' photos available so I will just tell you that we are in St. Barth's and it is fantastique bien sur! We've made many fish friends whom we will post and introduce you to in a few days.

Just finished my last final and am now packing for a one week trip to a warm and splendid place thanks to incredibly generous friends!! I will post pictures and have you guess where I am!

Also, since we're BFF I wanted to update you on my summer plans. I am so excited to tell you that I have a summer job at an investigative firm!!! The name of the firm need not be disclosed, nor does my PI name :-) I will be working there from June through mid-August.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week and that New York's weather controller realizes it's time to move away from the rain and cold to sun and warmth!

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