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St.Barth's looks like fun.

How many days would you need to explore the entire place?

AH.com: Of course it's great to be there for a while so that you truly relax but since the whole island is only 8 miles long you don't need a long period of time to enjoy it.

Oysters-wise: good? any idea what kind?

AH.com: Not sure as I'm not (yet) an oyster-lover. You'll have to ask my hubby!

Hey btw saw you outside Park Bar Friday night.

AH.com: That was such a gorgeous night! Why didn't you say hi? Next time, please do!

This is the same guy who ran into your friend Zee a few weeks ago at Rehab.

AH.com: Yup, I know! Unfortunately for me, you've seen more of Zee recently than I have!


Posted by: Mike at June 2, 2008 12:28 PM
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