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July 7, 2008

Jonah Peretti talks viral videos on NPR, I'm a proud wife series!


Talk of the Nation, June 30, 2008 ยท When a video clip on the Internet gains widespread popularity through e-mail and other venues of Internet sharing, it becomes what's known as a "viral video." The often highly pixelated and wobbly images have such an air of authenticity about them that it's hard to watch without thinking, "Maybe I can make a video that goes viral!" The truth is, it's not only harder than it looks; people are paid a great deal of money to make things go viral.

Internet entrepreneur Jonah Peretti, hula-hooping viral video star Lauren Bernat and TV Week contributing writer Daisy Whitney talk about the highly controlled world of "viral video" and what's real, what's fake and how video became a big gun in the online marketing arsenal.


Congrats, and a very interesting discussion. Here in Seattle, time on NPR will gain way more celeb status than any Hollywood scandel.

"Viral video" is so interesting to me, working in online advertising myself. From the Numa Numa guy to the Dramatic Squrel, you never know what can be an internet hit.

I like how Jonah said that we have to be smart about what we see online. that's true! Critical thinking is becoming so much more important in our world.

Posted by: jamie at July 9, 2008 6:36 AM
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