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July 1, 2008

Momofuku Ko review


We dined at Momofuku Ko last night to celebrate our 3-year wedding anniversary (actual date is 7/7 but trying to get a Momofuku Ko reservation on a specific date is impossible so...) and it was pretty amazing. The dishes were delectably tasty (David Chang seems to have cornered the market on this culinary skill). My favorites were the fluke in buttermilk and poppy seeds, the split pea soup with crawfish and mushroom, the soft-boiled egg with caviar and chips and the short ribs. While the wine pairing was worth doing once and certainly fun - we made it more fun by ordering two levels of the wine pairing and asked not to be told which level we were getting so Jonah and I played the taste-test game! - I have to say it was too much booze for me. Next time, I would love to share a bottle of wine or sake instead. What also made the experience phenomenal was watching David Chang in action: It's crystal clear that he is having the time of his life doing what he loves and being adored for it. So cool to see people glowing in their spotlight. Also, a typical New York restaurant thing happened. The couple sitting next to us told us that two women had posted on craiglist saying they had a Ko reservation for four for that night and were looking for two men to join them and that those interested could send along their photos. Of course we eagerly anticipated watching this group walk in and scrutinizing their dinner partner choices but alas they must have arrived after we left. The guy who told us this also reluctantly admitted that he had tried for over four months to get his reservation. Lastly, I was tickled to find that David Chang was pretty shy upon being asked which parts of Japan he liked most. He timidly responded that he loved Tokyo but not Osaka and the Kansai region. Hoped for more (in my efforts to have us become BFF) but I suppose the chef's gotta cook!

P.S. Taking photos wasn't allowed which is why there are not photos.


How in the world did you get a reservation? I have been trying everyday for months!

AH.com: After nearly a month, Jonah finally got the reservation! So frustrating, I know...

Posted by: Ashley at July 1, 2008 3:29 PM

I can't believe its been 3 years.

AH.com: I know!!!

Posted by: Mary Patterson at July 6, 2008 10:48 PM
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