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August 12, 2008

Prescriptions for Health, the Environmental Kind By Amanda Schaffer, NY Times

This article in today's NY Times Health section is about our friend Natalie Jeremijenko's great new project - as always, she inspires!!!

Natalie Jeremijenko.jpg

In a bright studio at New York University, Natalie Jeremijenko welcomes visitors to her environmental health clinic. She wears a white lab coat with a rotated red cross on the pocket. A clipboard with intake forms hangs by the door. Skip to next paragraph RSS Feed

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Inside, circuit boards, respirators, light bulbs, bike helmets and books on green design clutter the high shelves. In front of a bamboo consultation desk sits a mock medicine cabinet, which turns out to be filled with power tools.

Dr. Jeremijenko, an Australian artist, designer and engineer, invites members of the public to the clinic to discuss personal environmental concerns like air and water quality. Sitting at the consultation desk, she also offers them concrete remedies or “prescriptions” for change, much as a medical clinic might offer prescriptions for drugs.

“It’s a widely familiar script,” said Dr. Jeremijenko, 41, who has a doctorate in engineering and is an assistant professor of visual art at N.Y.U. “People know how to ring up and make an appointment at their health clinic. But they don’t really know what to do about toxins in the air and global warming, right?

“So the whole thing is how do we translate the tremendous amount of anxiety and interest in addressing major environmental issues into something concrete that people can do whose effect is measurable and significant?”

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I thought of your blog when I was at the site in the link that follows. Lots of great color photos of Manhattan from the 40's.


AH.com: I love these photos!! I may even order one - thanks so much!

Posted by: johnfromdowntown at August 13, 2008 1:36 PM
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