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August 25, 2008

Tell No One By Guillaume Canet, Movie review series

On our drive back from the Berkshires yesterday, we saw this movie in the cute little town of Millerton, NY. It was brilliantly acted by the protagonist played by François Cluzet and the plot is every aspiring mystery writer's dream. Gripping and clever - I highly recommend it! The bonuses are France as the setting and Kristin Scott Thomas!


In the shortcut language of a movie pitch, Guillaume Canet’s delicious contemporary thriller “Tell No One” is “Vertigo” meets “The Fugitive” by way of “The Big Sleep.” That is meant as high praise.

This French adaptation of Harlan Coben’s 2001 best seller is the kind of conspiracy-minded mystery almost no one seems capable of creating anymore, except David Lynch in his surreal way. Watching it is like gorging on a hot- fudge sundae in the good old days when few worried about sugar and fat. There are no bogus geopolitics weighing it down with a spurious relevance. Beautifully written and acted, “Tell No One” is a labyrinth in which to get deliriously lost.

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