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Hi Andrea, This is off this topic, but...since I don't know any people in New York City I'm grasping at straws. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I've been a regular visitor to your blog for years, writing occasional comments - or emails when you had your address on this blog. I have an amazingly talented young singer friend who needs to be in NYC during the month of March and part of April to mix her recently recorded cd. Do you by any chance know anyone in New York who could offer accommodation for the month of March and part of April to Emily Braden, a young (27)amazingly brilliant singer/musician from Victoria, BC, Canada (originally from Boise Idaho)? Emily is a good friend of mine and a major talent. She's having a tough time finding a place to stay. She is sweet, clean, tidy and respectful and just needs a place to sleep at night. Of course she is willing to pay (though she's certainly not hugely wealthy.....yet. If there is any justice in the world she will be one day.) Here is a link to her myspace page, which features some of her music. www.myspace.com/emilybraden

Anyone I have ever known who listens to Emily falls in love with her and her music. She's a special human who is obviously born to sing and entertain. I know she sang around NYC in various places while she was there last - living in Harlem and recording her album. Even if you're unable to steer Emily towards accommodation I hope you'll be able to see her perform there sometime.

The upcoming cd is going to be brilliant - definitely goosebump inducing Grammy worthy material. I've seen Emily play with the best of the best (ie Wynton Marsalis and co and others) and seen their obvious respect for her musical talent and work ethic.

As I said, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sorry if this is irritating, but I know Emily is having a tough time finding a place, and it kills me to see such an amazing person have to stress out about things that should be easier for people like her (who give so much to the world through art).

Posted by: joan at February 20, 2009 2:43 AM
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