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March 18, 2009

Mothers & Children By National Geographic


I received a review copy of this book from National Geographic and it was a delight to look through (do you still say "read" when it's a photo book?). You get candid and intimate glimpses into mother and child moments and their different exhibitions across cultures. The most memorable, awe-inspiring and even alarming photo for me was of a pregnant woman in Mexico, laying on a straw mat while someone (doctor or husband or friend?) listens to the baby's heartbeat through a cone device pressed onto her belly. That photo and all the photos in the book drive home the point that we are all united through this incredible, inexplicable experience called motherhood regardless of our disparate situations and surroundings. From Botswana to Iceland to Malaysia to Southern Indiana (perhaps the most foreign to me!), there's something to behold for all mothers, children and soon-to-be-mothers in this special little book.

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