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November 23, 2009

Artie & Yoshi's 6 month old birthday outing to Prospect Park! Thank you Gabby for the awesomely adorable sweaters!!!

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark2_for blog.jpg

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark1_for blog.jpg

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark7_for blog.jpg

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark3_for blog.jpg

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark4_for blog.jpg

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark6_for blog.jpg

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark8_for blog.jpg

Artie & Yoshi love their stroller from Kenny & Katherine (colors are Michael Jackson inspired of course!) & giraffes from Katy!! Thank you all!!!

ArthurYoshi2009_6monthbirthday_prospectpark9_for blog.jpg

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