Eavesdrop: Loose talk at Eyebeam

I became fascinated by the concept of eavesdropping, from its linguistic origin of people hiding under the eaves of their houses listening in on conversations to the very New York City serendipity of overhearing hilarious conversations to governmental eavesdopping for the safety of its citizens as well as to the detriment of its people. What resulted from my interest was a party + panel event. The panelists consisted of a private investigator from LA, an investigative journalist who wrote the definitive book on the National Security Agency, an artist whose work involves historical eavesdropped footage and the creator of OverheardinNewYork.com. Before the panel, attendees schmoozed, drank cocktails and nibbled on food while an hour-long film I edited of eavesdropping in movie footage from the classic 1970 Coppola film The Conversation, to Martin Lawrence's Big Momma's House played in the background. What they didn't know was that their conversations were being recorded by a few fellow schmoozers equipped with tiny, hidden microphones. Above the party and almost entirely out of sight were nine people in front of nine computers listening to the nine different sources of eavesdropped conversation from which they picked the best snippets. These snippets were sent over to the master sound editors who with my conceptual direction, created a minute-long eavesdropped story that was played to the surprised audience at the end of the event.

Five minute excerpt of Eavesdrop Film:


Eavesdrop Sound Piece: coming soon

Eavesdrop Panel Discussion: coming soon