Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

In the fall of 2005 friend and documentary film partner Sally Rumble and I noticed there was a new line of contraceptives in town! The Elexa products by Trojan were marketed in feminist language, promising contraception from the perspective of women and easy accessibility in the feminine care aisle of pharmacies. However the advertisement distinguished one of the products in the line, a vibrating ring, with an asterisk. It noted that this particular product, the Elexa Vibrating Ring, was "not for sale in AL, GA, TX, MS, LA, KS, CO or VA." Wait, we can get this here but women in those states couldn't buy this if they wanted to??!!

As soon as we learned of the sex toy ban in eight US states Sally and I were on a plane headed south to three of the states to hear what southerners had to say about it and to make one vibrating ring available to a lucky, unsuspecting Walmart shopper! Here's our 13 minute short Girls Just Wanna Have Fun shot with a digicam and no external sound equipment so please be patient - enjoy!