Ultra Hanami: Springtime in Tokyo

It was deep winter and one night I dreamed I was laying under cherry blossom trees while they slowly floated by in all their quiet majesty and petals fell off branches and drifted away. This ethereal dream inspired the creation of the Ultra Hanami video art piece which was projected on three 15 x 20 foot screens for Eyebeam's inaugural Artists in Residence benefit in December 2004. Attendees sat at Japanese tables under the screens, eating sushi and drinking sake while cherry blossoms surrounded them and digital created petals fell.

Four minute excerpt of Ultra Hanami:

Pictures of the event here.

Special thanks to Jun Zee Myers and Andreas Berner for their great computer animation work and for being such pleasures to work with, to Christine Hanaway and to Eyebeam - without both this piece and event would not have been possible, to Kenyatta Cheese for all his help during the event and since then! Finally to my husband Jonah Peretti for telling me that it was possible to turn a dream into reality!